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Hyperbike in one minute

Hyperbike in full Hybrid Pedal assisted Recuperating Bicycle focuses on private users and industry.
It offers flexible mobility support for everbody appreciating the benefits of cycling independent of age and fitness.
For producing industry it improves the efficiency for inner company transport and increases its load capacity more...
The Hyperbike feasibility study will investigate the influence of emerging storage and electric machinery and binary trading platform control technologies on electric bicycles (PEDELECS and work bikes). New opportunities arise from new efficient and lightweight electric machines, inverters (buck-boost) and high power and high energy densities with double layer capacitators and Li-Ion (Polymer) batteries.

Your muscle force together with electric machinery allows you a comfortable cruise:

The main aims of the project

  • Increasing the endurance without additional weight
  • Exploit the possibilities of the new technology improving the usability

Project News

Graz Oct. 22nd 2007,
Hyperbike was presented in Vienna at the Forschungsforum chaired by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. The following video features the show bike, where the solar panel charges the supercaps. Measurements have validated that 8 supercaps (EDLC) with only 176 grams are sufficient to accelerate from still stand.

Graz, April 29th 2007,
After finalising the simulation of the power train for a lecture at the EET- conference in Brussels , practical test were undertaken. The Heinzman hub motor proved to be sufficient to tow a trailer with a PC to a 13% steep hill. This test however added an important point to the specification, since all the dogs reacted very angrily. The emissions from the inverter and buck boost converter should not be offensive to any domestic animal nor harm wildlife ;-) Apparently the noise had driven them mad....
Looking forward to new surprises.

Graz, March 23rd 2007,
The third technology has now been challenged in practice.
  1. direct driven hub motor
  2. hub motor with gear
  3. worm gear and chain driven

  4. All three electric bicycles are tested to assess the practical implications of the choice of technology. The fourth technology - friction wheels - was already tested years ago.
    The hyperbike team.

    Graz, Jan 23rd 2007,
    The energy content of the LiPolymerIOn battery has been validated. The hyperbike test stand was employed to run the pedal assisted electric bicycle PAB for one hour on battery only at approx. 7Amp. We invite producers or potential buyers of PABs to make use of our offer to test PABs and other two wheelers fitting on a bicycle training roll.
    The hyperbike team.

    Graz, Jan., 17./18. 2007,
    The Hyperbike partners met in Graz in the premisses of FGM to present the new technologies and define the target groups.
    The day after the new 24V-Li Ion Polymer battery from Taiwan arrived, which will be measured in the next days. The nominal energy density is 75 Wh/kg and 96.2 Wh/l. Last but not least the acquisition of real world cycling was finalised. With an on-board data acquisition of the voltage of a hub dynamo the quality of the measurement saw a quantum leap compared to GPS measurements. The data processing was performed with the help of Matlab/Simulink.

    Graz, Dec. 24st 2006:

    Santa has arrived with the new hybrid reindeer sleigh.
    We wish you all the best for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    The hyperbike team

    Graz, Dec. 1st 2006: Just in time fort he beginning of the Hyperbike project, the second electric bicycle went into operation. With the two different types of bicycles with electric support, practical experience will be collected to better define the requirements for the Hyperbike solution. Please also answer our questionnaire - please click on survey&tips;. Many thanks for your time.

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